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SCCA Rules for Minors Effective January 1, 2017

The SCCA Minor Waiver must be provided for each minor (person under the age of 18).  The Minor must sign the 2nd page of the Minor Waiver.

Both parents must sign the SCCA Minor Waiver unless documentation is provided to the rally registrar which proves that the signing parent/guardian has sole custody.

The signature of a parent/guardian is valid only if:

The person signs in the presence of the rally registrar, using the Non-Notary form:
The person's signature is notarized using the Notary version of the form:

An SCCA Minor Waiver is valid for a single event if the date is entered, OR
An SCCA Minor Waiver is valid for all events for the Calendar Year if
the words ALL EVENTS and the YEAR (instead of the date) are entered at the top.

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