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The SMSCC First Friday Niters have a new pricing structure.  As you probably know, the FFNs are sanctioned by SCCA (Sports Car Club of America), and they set the requirements for fees paid to them and for SCCA membership.

First the good news – the FFN entry fee will be $15 per car.

Now, the rest of the news – SCCA is now requiring that either the driver or navigator (or both) be an SCCA member, whether an Annual Member or a Weekend Member.  So, if either is already an SCCA member there is no additional charge, the entry fee is $15 per car.  However, if neither the driver nor navigator is an SCCA member then one of them will need to purchase a Weekend Membership for $15, for a total FFN fee of $30.  (On the membership forms we will have at the start, it says the cost of a Weekend Membership is $20.  We are only going to charge you $15.)  (Full disclosure:  we have to pay SCCA $6.50 per car for sanction and insurance, plus $15 for each Weekend Membership.)

If you are regular attendees at the FFNs, and are not already SCCA members, you should strongly consider joining SCCA.  As an additional incentive to joining, purchasing a Weekend Membership gets you a $15 coupon towards Annual Membership if redeemed within 60 days, and you can redeem 2 coupons (for $30 credit).

We hope you will continue to join us at the FFNs!

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