This is the April Fool's Rally we should have run 4 months ago and it is a doozy! On this event every year, Larry stretches his creativity to give us a challenge above and beyond the normal difficulty level. So, screw your thinking cap on tight and get set for a great ride. He is taking us on outstanding driving roads that are scenic and really fun. No residential areas, no industrial parks, just great winding back roads.

Don't worry about the traps, there is a good chance that nobody will figure them out and we will all end up with the same penalties and the winner will be decided by hitting the Richta Checkpoints closest to the appointed times.

Some people like working out Sudoku or crossword puzzles. I like figuring out how Larry's mind works by studying his rally after the event on Google maps. He is really incredible at creating events that are intricate mazes and he usually finds roads that we have not seen before. Whatever your IQ or experience level is, you will have fun on this one and have a great story to tell at the end!

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